Whether you are brand new to the church or you’ve been in church for a while; we want to say welcome! We look forward to getting to know you. As a church we seek the will of God and all things He has planned for us. While here you will have many opportunities to participate in the various ministries we have, from feeding the homeless to helps ministry and many more. As you attend our services we know you will grow in your walk with God even if you are just starting out, have been at this for sometime now, or maybe someone who is returning back to faith. Everyone has a role in the kingdom of God and we are glad you came here to do what he has planned for you. Again, welcome and come let us grow as a family together.
Gathering Times 
Sunday: 9:00am
T H E   C H U R C H

How good and pleasant…

Our desire as a church is to live out Mark 16:1Go into all the world and preach the good news to everyone. ”We desire to be unified with others as it says in Psalm 133:1 “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” 
Senior Pastors:
Dennis and Denise Ponce
Associate Pastors:
Ricardo and Susan Rodriguez
Youth/Young Adult Leaders:
Allan and Karen Costa-Block
T H E   C H U R C H

We Believe

Sin and Salvation:
God created humans, but they disobeyed God by sinfully going their own way. As a result, they need God’s saving grace. Salvation comes only through God’s grace and must be received personally by repentance and faith. This accomplishes salvation for all who receive grace by trusting in Christ as Savior and Lord.         
Jesus Christ & Eternal Life:
Jesus Christ lived a sinless life on earth and voluntarily paid for humanity’s sin by dying on the cross as their substitute. Jesus Christ rose from the dead and is the only mediator between humans and God. He will return to earth, will raise the dead and judge all people.    
Holy Spirit & The Church:
The Holy Spirit draws sinners to Christ, equipping believers for personal growth and service to the Body of Christ, the church. The church is called to proclaim God’s reconciling grace, to glorify God and serve those in need.