Your Life, A Masterpiece

Purpose is one of those words that people have tossed around so much, especially in Christian circles, that it’s hard to know exactly what it means. Is it this one grand event that unfolds when you’re at the right place at the right time?

Is it something that you are passionate about or what you are naturally skilled at doing? Is it doing something that makes you happy? Does it have anything to do with helping others?

While I’m not a theologian or a Bible expert, I believe that your purpose is intertwined with your identity.

A man named Paul, one of the earliest church missionaries, wrote that we are God’s “workmanship.” The Greek word for “workmanship” is poiema, or “poem.” Think about this. Before you were even born, God wrote a beautiful poem about your life.

This masterpiece is about you doing not just meaningless or average things, but good works, wonderful things that make a difference. This means that you are important, significant. You matter!

When life gets tough, when your relationship starts to fall apart, when the cancer comes back, when you can’t beat the addiction, when your kids are running wild, when your parents are driving you crazy, when you feel stuck in monotony or routine, it’s important to circle back to God’s love and the fact that He has an amazing purpose for your life.

I don’t know what your purpose is. Maybe it’s to become a doctor and help cure cancer. Maybe it’s to be a parent and shepherd your family.

Maybe it’s to become an entrepreneur and partner with a nonprofit organization. It might be to help children all over the world or just your own, one million people or just one.

Regardless of how your life will impact others and what that will look like, I just know that when your identity is grounded in God, when you trust in Him, you become part of a bigger picture. And you begin to live out this wonderful poem He has written for your life.

What evidences do you see that God is already making something beautiful out of your life?
Read: Ephesians 2:10
(This Devotional was taken from a devotion by Tim Tebow in the YouVersion/ app/Website)